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The life that you desire depends on only two things: your belief and your practice. Julianna is a best-selling author, speaker, radio show host, teacher, and healer for change-makers and visionaries dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. Featuring: --- guided visualizations for manifesting: stress-relief, healing, money, love, career & much more. --- Live-time coaching demos to help you bust through blocks and expand your inner realms. Join Julianna here for group programs, one-on-one coaching, FREE tools and more.
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Welcome –

I'm glad you're here.

And I'm glad you're taking time out of your busy (!!) life to drop into a guided meditation or visualization.

I can't tell you the incredible changes I've seen in people, when they make this a part of their lives.

Let me know how you're doing – Julianna

Feb 4, 2015

In-Heaven-Dean-Braxton-2He died for 1 hour and 45 minutes. He went to Heaven. And then he came back.

"Everything was so perfect - past words to describe it."

My radio guest this week, Dean Braxton, met God and Jesus.

Listen to the show here.

Five years ago, those words would have turned me off. "Met Jesus?" Yeah, right.

But truth is, now I know it's just different words for the same thing. We're talking Light and Love here folks, we're talking Higher Self, Source Energy, whatever you want to call it. Open your mind and heart, and put it into your own words.

Another truth? He really did this. He really went to The Other Side. He really experienced Divine Love. And in this interview, he shares it with all of us - not just the information, but the vibration of Unconditional Love itself.

Dean's message surely resonates with the Christian community. But trust me, it will resonate with you wherever you're at.

"When I got there, many of the boxes that I believed in were blown apart. I still believe in the Bible, but I see things in it differently than I ever saw it before. I started looking at [it] from a heavenly point of view, not an earthly point of view."

So, whether you're Christian, non-Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Taoist, Confusionist, etc etc etc - take a listen. Absorb the Love. Be in the space of Divine energy.Dean_Braxton_Small

Here's Dean's website, with a link to his book In Heaven: Experiencing the Throne of God.




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